Sunday, March 9, 2008

Minutes of the meeting

Group Name : E-tailerz

Meeting Open Time : 2 pm

Date : 06th march2008

Place: university premises (student resource centre)

Present : All

Absent : none

Minutes of
Previous Meeting

Corrections : none

HEADING : Decide on the Name of the company, Mission statement, Goals and objectives, establishment of company and its operation, our target market, competitors and division of tasks.


We all had a meeting at the new buliding in the SRC where we had discussed about:
Firstly, We discussed as to what should be the name of the company? Each group member came up with various names of the company. The final name that we decided was Financial Management Pvt Co. (FMPC)

Secondly, We move to discuss our business plan. Our mission and objectives were clearly discussed in this meeting.

Thirdly, We then discussed as to how would we establish our E-company? we disussed that our company is an E-company so we dont need a physical setting for our establishment. All we need is domain fast internet connectivity and internet URL through which we can operate online and do E-commerce. We decided to hire Technical staff which would not only be having qualifications but also expertise in their concerned fields. Recruiment and Selection of staff would be carried on very soon. We have decide that recruitment will be done in terms of external recruitment by a well Recognized head hunter firm called Human resource System which will provide us the quality staff that we require.

fourth, We then discussed our marketing strategy, our target market and competitive analysis. We discussed in depth as to market segmentation, our target market and how to get competitive edge.

fifth, we allocated tasks to each group member which are as follows:

1) Alina - mission statement, purpose and goal
2) Ayesha - objectives and vision statement
3) Shabbir - marketing analysis
4) Sarah - flow chart of business
5) Samra - competitive analysis


Nearly 70% tasks that we discussed in this meeting have been accomplished.

Meeting Close Time: 3:30 pm

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