Sunday, March 2, 2008

minutes of the meeting

Group Name : E-tailerz
Meeting Open Time :4:00pm
Date :1-03-08

Present :all members

Absent :none

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approval : Our group has decided to go for online financial management services and it has been approved

AGENDA ITEM HEADING : Three websites providing online financial management services

Each member of the group had individually searched online for different websites before the meeting. In the meeting the details of all these websites were discussed and the best three options were selected on the basis of the services such as value added corporate financing,clients access to capital with on-line financing, Providing innovative financing solutions, financial tools, news, links, forms and information.
The websites that all the group memebrs agreed to include are

Meeting Close Time: 4:55pm

1 comment:

Atiqur Rahman said...

I was somehow expecting more from your group than just
1) the three links to referential websites and
2)the your final decision for the financial thingy as your business proposal.

Please start assigning tasks to your group members for this week and report in how much of the assigned tasks each group member has achieved in your next week's meeting minutes.

I'll be discussing e-Business Plan in the lectures this week; that'll insha Allah assist in task distribution


Atiqur Rahman