Sunday, February 24, 2008

minutes of the meeting

Group Name : E-tailerz

Meeting Open Time : 1:00 pm

Date : 22-02-2008

Place: university premiss

Present : all members

Absent : none

Minutes of Previous Meeting: none

Corrections : none

AGENDA ITEM HEADING : choice of a project.


The whole group sat together and brainstormed on
which product or service we should work on as our
project.we thought of different things that people
mostly shop or look for online . If we launch a product
that mostly people look or shop for electronic goods
online and one of the product suggested by our group
member shabbir ali was Home Theater, we can very
well define its different , new and distinct features with
other services as well as define a well planned budget to
convience our customers who fall in different categories
of different ranges of our products . our second option is
setting up a company that resulted from the ideas of the
whole group to provides financial management services
online . As today buisnesses are going global and use of
management information system has increased so it will
be a great feature for buisnesses to find fiancial
management assistance at the click of their mouse.
we would like your approval of any of these ideas you think
will be best to carried on for our project.

Meeting Close Time: 1:45 pm

1 comment:

Atiqur Rahman said...

Both your option would be fine, though in both cases you would be required to submit workflows for you business. Since an investor might not have much knowledge of how a home theatre or a financial system would work in e-commerce domain thus it would be good that you provide him/her some workflows to assist in evaluating your proposed system of merchandising.

in your next meeting minutes please provide in the tasks assigned to each member and how much of it did they achieve

Atiqur Rahman