Monday, March 17, 2008

Group Name :e-tailerzMeeting Open Time :11:00 am
Date :14-mar-08Place:src-bahria university
Present :all
Absent :none
Minutes ofPrevious Meeting:
Corrections :none
All the internet survey work,designing the mission staement ,goals and objectives have been thoroughly conducted by alina asghar.
AGENDA ITEMHEADING: Competitive analysis, target market and services
DISCUSSION DETAILSACTION: This weeks meeting was held in the student resource centre again. This time we implemented on what we had decided
about our project last week . We designed our mission statement by brainstorming and in a sophisticated manner. We also
decided upon our Business goals and project objectives. We again surfed the internet for further market and competitive
analysis and found out that in Pakistan these financial management services are being provided by banks as well hence we
decided to come up with some thing innovative that would be more appealing for an investor or else we wont have a competitive
edge as it would pose to the investor as something that is commonly available.
Firstly, lesser of these banks provide such services online and according to our survey we found out that United bank limited
(ubl) and Dubai Islamic bank are the ones who provide and operate services online. Most of the companies we found providing
such services online were foreign companies that operate within there territories and the links of which have already been
posted earlier in the second minutes of the meetings.
Secondly, we planned to particularly target new companies starting business in the market because financial services is a
core part of whole of the industry and basically multinationals and larger companies such as unilever and Procter & gamble
etc already have their departments for finance and they have professionals to maintain their portfolio and risk management
and other financial assistance. However, new market entrants need financial assistance as they are new companies and
therefore they are a "market niche" in terms of their size and resources. Hence, they require experienced people to guide
them in financial matters such as business operations, as to how much capital and resources are needed for their operations?
what should be their debt ratio? Asset and equity ratio? what should be their return on asset and equity? What should be the
times interest earned ratio? their profit margin to achieve their target net income after tax. At what interest rate should
they accept loans? In which pattern and terms should they their annuities? whether semi annually, annually or quarterly? and
what should be their compound interest rate? and also a lease versus loan analysis etc.
Thirdly, we decided on the products and services we would provide to our customers. We talked about designing special
software that would give guidance related to financial matters only to our valued customers so increase our goodwill. Further
more we have setup a panel of experts who will provide the best financial solutions to our e-customers.
we hope this time we will satisfy your requirments as always we have worked really hard and hope to give and get the best
Meeting Close Time: 12:30 pm.

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Atiqur Rahman said...

Since you have some local competitors (as mentioned in your meeting minutes)it might be worthwhile if you folks can provide in some sort of SWOT analysis (a simple competitive analysis chart would also do).

Overall it's good

Atiqur Rahman